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Soil pH

Lab Summary

Use a pH sensor to understand what kinds of soil in the local community would support agricultural crops, based on pH level.


Guide students to understand what soils, in their local community, would support agricultural crops, based on pH level.

  • Record detailed observations about the environment where the soil samples were taken.
  • Determine and compare the acidity or alkalinity of each soil sample.


Students gain experience conducting the following procedures:

  • Gather soil samples from different locations in the area and record detailed observations.
  • Measure the acidity or alkalinity of three different soil samples using a pH sensor.

Sensors / Equipment Used:



Has a wide measurement range of 0 to 14 pH. Has a resolution of 0.01 pH. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

PASPORT Sensor Extension Cable


Allows an additional two meter length extension on all PASPORT sensors.

Materials Used:

Beaker, 250-mL (3)

Graduated cylinder, 100-mL

Measuring spoons (1 set)

Stirring rod

Wash bottle

Digging device

Sealable plastic bag (3)

Soil sample, 60 mL (3)

Distilled water, 400 mL

Paper towels

Marking Pen

The Associated Bundle:

Biology Standard Sensor Bundle


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Interface Required

This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.