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Enzyme Action

Lab Summary

Use an oxygen gas sensor to understand how optimal environmental conditions, such as temperature, play a key role in enzyme function.


  • Enzyme Action Sample Lab (828 KB – PDF)
  • Method

    Students gain experience conducting the following procedures:

    • Use an oxygen gas sensor to measure the amount of oxygen released during the following reaction:
    2H2O2 →2H2O + O2 (gas)
    • Vary the temperature of the enzyme solution and determine whether the change in temperature has an effect on the rate of oxygen production.

    Sensors / Equipment Used:

    PASPORT Oxygen Gas Sensor


    The Oxygen Gas Sensor accurately measures O2 concentration in the atmosphere or in enclosed spaces. Study animal, plant or cellular respiration, air quality, O2 production from chemical reactions and more.

    Materials Used:

    Sampling bottle (included with PS-2126)

    Graduated Cylinder, 25-mL

    Beaker, 1-L (2)

    Beaker 500-mL

    Test Tube (2)


    Catalase source:  yeast suspension

    Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%

    Ice, crushed or cube

    Water, 500 mL

    Water, distilled, 500 mL

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    Interface Required

    This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.