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Static Pressure & Flow

Lab Summary

Use a low pressure sensor to determine the relationship between static pressure and depth in a column of water, and then use that relationship to compare static pressure to the range of a projectile stream of water.


A column of fluid will display increasing pressure with increasing depth. When an opening exists below the surface of the fluid, the fluid will accelerate and exit the outlet with some velocity v.

  • Graphically show the relationship between static pressure and depth in a column of water using data acquired with a low pressure sensor.
  • Measure the range of a projectile stream of water being driven by the hydrostatic pressure from a column of water, and graphically show how the exit velocity of water is related to the depth of the water column.
  • Use Bernoulli's equation and the equations for kinematic motion to graphically relate the fluid pressure to the exit velocity of the water stream.


Students gain experience conducting the following procedures:

  • Measuring water pressure as a function of depth in a water reservoir.
  • Measuring the range of a water stream flowing from the bottom of a water reservoir as a function of depth.
  • Using relevant equations to manipulate their data to produce a linear graph relating static pressure in a water column to the exit velocity of a stream of water flowing from the water column.
  • Using the linear relationship to determine an experimental value for the density of water.

Sensors / Equipment Used:

PASPORT Barometer/Low Pressure Sensor


Measures atmospheric pressure changes and doubles as a low pressure sensor. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

Materials Used:

Distilled water 
Meter stick 
Pen, felt marker 
Support stand, 10 cm tall 
Water catch basin
Water reservoir with a nozzle at the bottom

The Associated Bundle:

Advanced Physics Standard Sensor Bundle


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Interface Required

This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.