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Acceleration Due to Gravity

Lab Summary

Use a freefall adapter to calculate the acceleration of gravity and then graphically derive a linear relationship.


Using a freefalling object dropped from different heights, students learn how to:

  • Calculate the acceleration of gravity from experimental data.
  • Graphically derive a linear relationship to understand kinematic equations.


Students gain experience conducting the following procedures:

  • Measuring the time of fall of an object dropped from several different heights.
  • Using their data to produce a linear graph relating time of fall to distance travelled.

Sensors / Equipment Used:

PASPORT Digital Adapter


The Digital Adapter allows ScienceWorkshop analog sensors to be connected and used with PASPORT interfaces.

Freefall Adapter


This adapter is an auto release mechanism that works with Photogate Timers, Smart Timer, and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

Right Angle Clamp


This clamp fits rods up to 18 mm (11/16 in) in diameter.

Base and Support Rod


The Large Base and Support Rod includes built-in leveling screws and an aluminum rod that is 12.7 mm (1/2 in.) in diameter and 45 cm long.

Four Scale Meter Stick


A convenient measuring device that includes four different metric scales of various precision.

The Associated Bundle:

Advanced Physics Standard Sensor Bundle


This bundle contains the probeware needed to perform all 37 lab activities in the Advanced Physics lab manual.

Interface Required

This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.