Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry Teacher Guide


Teacher manual for AP* and Advanced Chemistry labs. Has both the printed version and a flash drive with teacher tips, a PDF of teacher version and editable Word student version.

Stoichiometry in Solutions

Lab Summary

When water is tested, chemists can tell you what impurities are present. If something harmful is found in your drinking water, like lead or cadmium, it is important to know how much is present. Hazardous particles put into your body faster than they can be removed will build up to toxic levels. There are several ways to determine the amount of dissolved particles in a solution. In this lab, you will explore one of them.


Students perform analytical techniques to determine the concentrations of dissolved ions.


  • Stoichiometry in Solutions - Sample Lab (973 KB – PDF)
  • Method

    The student can design, and/or interpret data from, an experiment that uses titration to determine the concentration of an analyte in a solution The student is able to use stoichiometric calculations to predict the results of performing a reaction in the laboratory and/or to analyze deviations from the expected results. The student is able to relate quantities (measured mass of substances, volumes of solutions, or volumes and pressures of gases) to identify stoichiometric relationships for a reaction, including situations involving limiting reactants and situations in which the reaction has not gone to completion.

    Sensors / Equipment Used:

    Advanced Chemistry Sensor


    Measure pressure, temperature, pH, and conductivity with the Advanced Chemistry Sensor.

    PASPORT High Accuracy Drop Counter


    Is a professional drop counter that allows students to capture detailed titration data. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

    The Associated Bundle:

    Chemistry Standard Sensor Bundle


    Contains the sensors and probes needed to perform all 17 experiments in the Advanced Chemistry Teacher Guide and all 25 labs in the Chemistry through Inquiry Guide.

    Interface Required

    This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.