Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry Teacher Guide


Teacher manual for AP* and Advanced Chemistry labs. Has both the printed version and a flash drive with teacher tips, a PDF of teacher version and editable Word student version.

Polar and NonPolar Substances

Lab Summary

Some things dissolve in water, some do not. If you want to dissolve permanent marker ink, for example, you'll need something oily. Why? What is the difference in the chemical structure of a waterproof ink and one that washes off the paper at the first hint of moisture?
How does the polarity of a compound affect its solubility in different solvents?


Students understand how a compound's structure influences its solubility in water and oil. They apply this knowledge to extract polar and nonpolar compounds from a mixture.


The student can draw and/or interpret representations of solutions that show the interactions between the solute and solvent. The student is able to describe the relationships between the structural features of polar molecules and the forces of attraction between the particles.

Sensors / Equipment Used:

Advanced Chemistry Sensor


Measure pressure, temperature, pH, and conductivity with the Advanced Chemistry Sensor.

The Associated Bundle:

Chemistry Standard Sensor Bundle


Contains the sensors and probes needed to perform all 17 experiments in the Advanced Chemistry Teacher Guide and all 25 labs in the Chemistry through Inquiry Guide.

Interface Required

This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.