Structures System

Only PASCO allows students to construct an endless array of structures and measure forces on them in real time.

Imagine… Design… Analyze…

Trusses, bridges, roller coasters, cranes, booms, human models and much more can all be quickly built and analyzed. Far more advanced than toothpick models and much more hands-on than computer simulations, PASCO Structures are ideal for real-world design.

And the ease of use of PASCO Structures Systems allows students to quickly build, test and then redesign their structures quickly and efficiently which supports the engineering process. 

Designing and building structures is simple and easy.

I-beams fit into connectors and are secured with thumb screws.

Load Cells measure the compression and tension…

…and may be placed anywhere in your structure.

Load Cells are then plugged into a Load Cell Amplifier which connects to a PASCO interface which is connected by USB or Bluetooth to a device running PASCO software.

PASCO software then allows students to view a graph of the forces in real-time and analyze the resulting data with a suite of powerful tools. PASCO Capstone runs on Mac or Windows Computers. SPARKvue software runs on computers, iPads, Android tablets, or Chromebooks.

Basic Sets

Truss Set


Easily assemble the I-Beams into a variety of different trusses and structures.

Bridge Set


Contains the materials needed to build larger trusses and bridges, as well as a flexible Road Bed and Car for studying dynamic loading as the car traverses the bridge. Even build rollercoasters!

Advanced Structures Set


Build larger trusses, bridges, and other structures. The included axles and pulleys make it possible to build working cranes and other structures. (Does not include roadbed and car).

Specialty Sets

Large Structures Set


With all the components in the Advanced Structures Set, plus additional parts, this system allows for even bigger structures.

Human Structures Set


Set of structures equipment which allows for construction and demonstration of Human Arm, Human Leg and Human Back Models.

Cast Beam Structures Set


Design, cast, and test your own I-beams using "concrete" made from sand and plaster of paris and plastic rebar.

Adding Measurement

100 N Load Cell


Extra individual Load Cell for force measurement in the Structures Systems. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

5 N Load Cell


Extra individual Load Cell for force measurement in the Structures Systems. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

Load Cell Amplifiers

The Load Cell Amplifier connects Load Cells to an interface to collect  streams of tension or compression force data. Available in 2 port or 6 port versions.

PASPORT Displacement Sensor


Measures the travel of the included spring-loaded digital indicator. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

Accessories & Specialty Beams

Structures Hydraulic System


This set of syringes, tubing and connectors can be added to your PASCO structures set to create working hydraulic and pneumatic lifts.

Structures Speciality Beams

Expand the applications of your Structures Systems with this collection of specialty beams - including flat, flexible, photoelastic, or destructible bridge beams.

Replacement Parts

Structures Spares & Replacements

These parts are compatible with all existing PASCO Structures systems.  Includes I-Beams, screws, connectors, and more.