Carts and Tracks

PASCO Dynamics Systems and components.

Few investments in physics lab equipment provide more learning opportunities than PASCO Dynamics Systems -- perfect for experiments and demonstrations in Kinematics, Newton's Laws, conservation laws, and much more.

PASCO physics equipment, including the Dynamics Systems, are designed from the start to easily integrate our probeware, so you get high quality real-time data without the frustration. 

Build your Dynamics System by choosing your track:

  • Polycarbonate PAStrack (available in 1 m modular sections)
  • 1.2 m Classic Aluminum Track
  • 2.2 m Classic Aluminum Track

And then choosing your carts (1 Red & 1 Blue)

  • Polycarbonate PASCars
  • Classic Aluminum Collision and Plunger Carts
  • Smart Carts featuring built-in wireless sensors 

And then choose whether or not you want the standard accessory pack.

All systems are compatible with our full line of additional accessories (see below).

View the Dynamics System Builder

PASCO carts are engineered with low-friction ball-bearing wheels and a spring-loaded suspension -- all to give you and your students an experience as close to friction-free as possible.

Add Sensors

Systems using the PAScars or Classic Aluminum Carts can use PASCO sensors to record a variety of measurements. Smart Carts have several sensors built in. A wheel encoder to measure position, velocity, or acceleration, a load cell to measure pushing or pulling forces, a 3-axis accelerometer for acceleration in each dimension as well as the resultant acceleration, and a 3-axis gyro for rotational motion.

PASPORT Motion Sensor


The PASPORT Motion Sensor accurately measures position, velocity, and acceleration of a target. Can be used to track the motion of carts, balls, people and more.

Smart Gate


Photogate that can be connected to any PASPORT interface, has auxiliary port to daisy chain gates, double beams for accurate speed measurement, and a special photogate tape slot.

Photogate Head


Monitors the motion of objects passing through its gate, counting events as the object breaks the infrared beam. For use with PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

PASPORT Force Sensor


Designed to measure both pulling and pushing forces. Uses range from collisions to tug-of-war.

PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor


Put a new spin on many common experiments with this highly versatile sensor.


Dynamics Track Optics Kit


Attaches optical components directly to a Dynamic Tracks via carriages that can be positioned anywhere on the track.

Ballistic Cart Accessory


This cart launches a sphere vertically and is perfect for helping beginning physics students grasp the independence of vertical and horizontal motion.

Mechanical Oscillator/Driver


Delivers repeatable, low-frequency, high-force sinusoidal motion for harmonic motion experiments.

Discover Collision Bracket


This bracket fastens to the T-Slot of a dynamics track and securely holds the Force Sensor for measuring collisions with a cart.

Fan Accessory


Provides carts self propulsion capability and includes a safety guard to protect student's fingers.

Super Fan Cart


Super Fan Cart provides a constant force and is rechargeable and programmable.

PASPORT Visual Accelerometer


Displays acceleration direction and magnitude visually by using high intensity wide-angled LED. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

Spring Cart Launcher


Launch carts in a repeatable fashion.

Dynamics Track Mount


Allows a rotary motion sensor to mount on a Dynamics Track and act as a high resolution bi-directional Smart Pulley.

PAStrack Accessories

There are a few accessories solely for use with the PAStrack Dynamics System.

Inclined Plane Dynamics Set


All of the additional components to perform five additional labs with the inclined plane.

Curved PAStrack


Expand your PAStrack System with this curved track set. Create hills, valleys and inclines.

Carts and Tracks

Purchase additional carts and track. Aluminum tracks are separate units but PAStrack pieces are modular and can be connected to make 

Smart Cart

The New Wireless Smart Cart is the ultimate tool for your physics lab with built-in sensors that measure force, position, velocity, and 6 degrees of freedom in acceleration.

Classic Dynamics Carts

These low friction, aluminum carts are the cornerstone of the Classic Dynamics System.

PAScar (Set of 2)


A feature-rich dynamics cart for virtually friction-free motion on a dynamics track.



A simple, low cost dynamics cart--for virtually friction-free motion on a dynamics track.

Classic Dynamics Tracks

1.2 or 2.2 meter aluminum track with attached metal scale, these sturdy starter tracks are the foundation of our Dynamics Systems.



Connect two 0.5m length tracks and use with PAScars to study motion.

Dynamics Systems Supplies

Masses, Springs & Replacement Parts for carts and tracks.

Dynamics System Supplies

Masses, springs and additional accessories and replacement parts for dynamics carts and tracks.

Super Pulley with Clamp


Upgrade force tables and inclined planes with this pulley and clamp.