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The Essential Physics curriculum covers 100% of your state standards.

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Available with PASCO’s award-winning science equipment.

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A Complete and Affordable Physics Solution that includes Textbook, eBook, Digital Teacher Edition, and Equipment

Program Components

Key Features

  • Rigorous yet accessible design
  • Interactive simulations and equations
  • Lessons follow the 5E design
  • Strong mathematics scaffolding
  • Innovative assessment tools


  • iOS
  • Android™
  • Chrome™
  • Windows®
  • PC
  • Mac®
  • 24/7 online/offline access
  • No Internet required

Textbook and eBook

31 videos
Show real-world applications

84 embedded interactive equations
Help students practice math.

71 Fully interactive simulations
Challenge students to explore physics ideas. Immediate feedback reinforces learning of core physics concepts.

Embedded, solved sample problems with practice
Provide point-of use opportunities for students to comprehend mathematical applications.

Video Introduction

7-minute introduction about the contents and features in Essential Physics.

Kit Options

Below are some representative kit options for you to choose from. Ask your Education Specialist for more details.

Select a PASCO Equipment Kit:

Standard Equipment Kit

The Standard Kit Includes: includes:
    A Forces and Motion Kit
    • Wireless Smart Cart
    • 1.2 m Track
    • Dynamics Accessories
    A Modular Circuits Kit:
    • Wireless Current Module
    • Wireless Voltage Sensor
    • Circuits Modules
    • Circuits Accessories

25 labs are designed to use this equipment kit.

Comprehensive Equipment Kit

Includes everything in the Standard Equipment Kit (above right) + 6 of the following kits and apparatus:
    • Light, Color & Optics: light source, optics bench, lens mounts, lenses, mirrors, prism, refraction cell, diffraction grating, and storage case
    • Forces & Machines: assorted gears, pulleys, levers, springs, spring scale, rail frame, and storage case
    • Waves & Sound: resonance lever, assorted tuning forks, ball and string, resonance tube, springs, spring scale, stand, and storage case
    • Mini Projectile Launcher
    • Plus required weights, track, and stands

41 labs are designed to use this equipment kit.

More Features …

Infinite Test Bank
Making customized tests for all or any part of Essential Physics is a breeze! Choose the section, the number of questions, and the level of difficulty, and you can create your own customized tests. In addition, you can automatically generate unlimited versions of the same test along with a full solution answer key as an aid for student learning.

Digital Teacher Edition
All Teacher Resources are easily accessible at point-of-use in the Digital Teacher Edition.

STEM Education

Additional configurations and equipment kits are available.

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