Coming in September!   The Third Edition of Essential Physics

A Complete STEM Program for Physics

Introducing Our
Third Edition

  • Hardcover textbook
  • Stand-alone e-Book
  • Fully digital Teacher’s Edition
  • Includes the Infinite Test Bank LMS Edition
  • Exceptional equipment

Essential Physics is a high school STEM physics program that includes an extraordinary e-Book, a matching print textbook, and an integrated set of powerful lab equipment. Suitable for introductory levels through AP® Physics, Essential Physics’ interactivity makes rigorous physics concepts accessible to all levels. The digital Teacher’s Resource Edition includes 139 slide presentations, lesson plans, student assignments, self-grading assessments, access to our online Infinite Test Bank, and more.

Essential Physics Technology Works

  • Today and in the future with HTML5
  • With the Internet or without
  • On iPad®, Android™, Chrome™, Mac®, PC, and smartphones
  • Includes hardcover textbook + fully interactive e-Book
  • Works with the coordinated Equipment Kit
  • Works with your LMS and Google Classroom

Integrated Components of Essential Physics … What You Get

Hardcover Student Textbook:

  • Includes one main idea per page.
  • Paragraph outlining helps students focus.
  • Over 2,000 full-color illustrations are ideal teaching tools for visual learners.
  • This is a true STEM program for Physics that integrates technology, engineering and math into the curriculum.

Student e-Book (6-year online license):

  • HTML5 e-Book runs on any browser and any device
  • Students can access the e-Book from home as well as at school
  • 71 interactive simulations
  • Embedded videos
  • 84 interactive equations + equation-solvers
  • Extension paragraphs
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • End-of-chapter self-grading quiz

Teacher Resources (includes digital Teacher’s Edition):

  • Fully digital wrap-around Teacher’s Edition
  • 139 slide presentations
  • Printable and editable lesson plans
  • Printable and editable student assignments
  • Access to the Infinite Test Bank
  • Detailed solutions to chapter problems
  • Full correlation to your state and NGSS standards

Coordinated Equipment:

  • Smart Cart
  • Modular Circuits
  • Light & Optics
  • Waves & Sound
  • Forces & Machines

The Infinite Test Bank

Our smart test generator randomly generates values for problems and calculates the correct answers—and the wrong answers, too! You can easily make multiple versions of the same test with different values for the numerical data in each problem. Make-up tests are a breeze! The test generator even automatically prints answer keys for each variation of your test. Save your customized tests online for next period or next year.

Versatile and easy!

  • Choose sections of the text to include.
  • Choose the number of questions from each section
  • Build multiple versions of the same test

Meets 100% of Your State Standards and Supports STEM!

Essential Physics meets your state standards in physics. If you cannot find a correlation online, please contact us as we are constantly updating our standards information to reflect the most up-to-date requirements for your state.

Essential Physics Supports NGSS

Besides meeting 100% of your state standards, Essential Physics also supports the Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS). Slides in each chapter call out Disciplinary Core Ideas, Student Expectations, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices.

*Next Generation Science Standards is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards was involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Essential Physics Purchasing Information

The Third Edition of Essential Physics will be available for order late summer, 2017

Essential Physics Third Edition Hardcover Text

With DVD and online bundle, including Test Bank
Contact for Pricing

Essential Physics Third Edition e-Book (with Test Bank)

DVD/Online bundle - 6-year license
Contact for Pricing

Essential Physics Third Edition Digital Teacher’s Edition

DVD & online
Contact for Pricing

Coordinated Equipment Bundle

Includes Wireless Smart Cart, Modular Circuits, Light & Optics Kit, Waves & Sound Kit, and Forces & Machines Kit
Contact for Pricing

Essential Physics hardcover textbook bundle

Why choose between an e-Book or textbook?
Get the best technology and a great textbook!

Our full-color, 880 page text is page-for-page identical to the e-Book and meets all content standards for high school physics from an introductory level through more advanced levels. Each hardcover textbook includes the student e-Book (DVD) with Test Bank and online access (6-year license) at no additional cost.

Simple hassle-free administration

Each school receives one authorization code to be shared by all physics students. There are no individual student accounts to administer! A simple annual enrollment verification initiates and renews your licenses. One number, once a year, that’s all it takes. Essential Physics is distributed on DVD and online.

Technology requirements

Our unique HTML5 e-Book technology provides a self-enclosed web application that can be opened by any browser, on virtually any platform, with or without an Internet connection, and without proprietary installed software!

  • Operating Systems: OS X, Windows®, Android™, Chrome™, iOS
  • Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome™, Internet Explorer
  • Hardware: Mac®, PC, iPad®, Android™ tablet, Chromebook™, most smartphones
  • Internet: Both online and stand-alone (off line) versions are included
  • Wireless: Requires Bluetooth® 4.0 capability. iPad® requires wifi access.