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Tape Timer Supplies

Tape Timer Supplies

ME-9284   - 

Replacement rolls and carbon paper discs for Tape Timer.


While the concept of ticker tape timing has been widely accepted, traditional problems (the lack of calibration and the need to use special paper) often made this a difficult method to use.

PASCO eliminated these problems with a unique design which means that ticker tape timing is no longer a troublesome timing method.

Provides students with a visual demonstration of speed and acceleration. A moving object pulls a paper tape through the timer. The timer prints dots on the tape at equal time intervals. The result is a series of dots on the paper tape, representing the position of the object as a function of time.

From the dots on the tape, the distance traveled can be measured, and the average speed for each time interval can be calculated. Plotting position versus time enables one to determine the average speed. Plotting the average speed for each time interval versus time enables one to determine acceleration.

The paper tape can be attached to air track carts, dynamics carts, falling masses or other objects.

Special Features

  • Two Crystal-controlled, Calibrated Frequencies: (10 Hz and 40 Hz), accurate to 0.1%. The 40-Hz frequency is ideal for freefall experiments. The slower 10-Hz frequency is best for most dynamics track experiments.
  • Includes an Internal 9-V Battery, or Use an Optional External 9-V AC Adapter/Power Supply: A single battery can last for up to a year's worth of normal experiments.
  • Low Mass, Small-pin Printing Head: Driven by short millisecond pulses, produces sharp, round dots without smearing.
  • Plain Paper: Print on 12.5 mm (1/2 inch) wide, plain paper supplied in 150-meter (500 feet) rolls.
  • Carbon Paper Discs: Used for printing. The adjustable disc holder allows the printing point to be adjusted, giving a long life to the discs.
  • Rod Clamp: Allows the Tape Timer to be mounted on a standard lab stand rod so that the paper path is either parallel or perpendicular to the rod. Rod sizes between 13 mm (1/2 inch) and 9 mm (3/8 inch) are accommodated.


  Tape Timer
Tape Timer Supplies
Tape Timer
Roll (150 m) of paper (5)
Carbon paper discs (10) (10)