Ripple Tank System



Ripple Tank System

Ripple Tank System

WA-9899   - 

Demonstrate all manner of basic wave phenomena with with this easy to use and complete system. Includes all necessary equipment.

Also Available:

Ripple Generator & Light Source

Ripple Generator & Light Source

WA-9896   - 

Components for the Ripple Tank System that are available separately. Requires the Ripple Tank Assembly to create a complete system
Ripple Tank Assembly

Ripple Tank Assembly

WA-9897   - 

Components for the Ripple Tank System that are available separately. Requires the Ripple Generator & Light Source to create a complete system


This all-new Ripple Tank System with foam "beach" design dramatically reduces reflections from walls of ripple tank, providing quality experiments at an affordable price. If you study wave propagation, reflection, refraction or diffraction, this completely redesigned ripple tank system is a necessity in your lab.

  • Integrated strobe/ripple generator simplifies operation
  • Small frequency difference can be created so waves appear to move slower
  • The frequency range (1.0 Hz to 50.0 Hz) includes those important low frequencies that make refraction more prominent.
  • Simple switch function changes rippler phase from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Voice coil actuators offer precise and silent operation LED digital frequency readout is viewable in low lighting
  • White LED light source remains cool during use, producing a bright clear wave pattern
  • Included diffraction barriers (3) can be used to create a double slit

The completely redesigned PASCO Ripple Tank System-- easier to use, more reliable, more flexible, and more affordable.

Can also be purchased as two separate components:  The Ripple Generator/Light Source and Ripple Tank Assembly.

Great for studies of:

  • Wave propagation
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Diffraction
  • The Doppler Effect
  • And much more


  Ripple Tank System
Ripple Generator & Light Source
Ripple Tank Assembly
Ripple tank with projection mirror and screen
Ripple Generator/Strobe Driver with power adapter
LED Strobe Assembly (with both strobe and steady modes)
Strobe mounting rod
Plane Wave Generator with multi-point dippers
Point Sources (3 sizes)
Refractors (convex, concave, rhomboid)
Curved reflector
Diffraction barriers (2 long, 1 short, 1 mini)
Plastic storage box for optics components
Drainage tube with clamp
1 liter plastic beaker
Surfactant, pipette and additional materials
Water Resistant Storage Box

How It Works

Completely Redesigned for Ease of Use

Includes sloped foam beach to eliminate reflections, a modern LED strobe, and a convenient all-in-one ripple/strobe generator and control unit.

The legs easily screw into the corners of the tank and the reflector is angled between two legs to project onto the screen.  Both the ripple generator and the LED Strobe light source attach to standard lab rods for easy placement.

After applying surfactant, add water, level the tank and then decide between plane sources, point sources, reflectors, refractors or diffraction barriers for your investigation.

Safety Note:

The PASCO Ripple Tank System includes Tergitol (Polyalkylene glycol) as a surfactant.  Read the MSDS for full details

Refraction occuring at the boundaries of this rhomboid shape. The Ripple Tank System can be used to investigate a wide variety of wave phenomena.

Integrated Strobe/Ripple Generator

In our Ripple Tank, the strobe and the rippler are controlled by the same unit. The rippler uses voice coil actuators for precise, silent operation. The frequency range (1.0 Hz to 50.0 Hz) includes those important low frequencies that make refraction more prominent. The LED digital frequency readout is visible in even low lighting. The rippler features knobs to easily adjust the dipper depth and the amplitude of the dipper stroke.

This integrated Ripple Generator/Strobe Generator simplifies operation and improves results.


Ripple Tank

Viewing Area
  • 34 cm x 34 cm
Usable Tank Depth
  • 1 cm
Projection Screen
  • 35.6 cm x 38.8 cm
Acrylic Mirror
  • 49.8 cm x 38.8 cm
Light Source Support Rod
  • 46 cm long
Drain Tube
  • 30 cm long
Storage Box
  • Water resistant
  • 64 cm x 52 cm x 17 cm

Ripple Generator/Light Source

Voice Coil Actuator Frequency Range
  • 1.0 to 50.0 Hz with 0.1 Hz Resolution
Light Source
  • 5 W White LED
  • Strobe or Steady Modes
Digital LED Display
  • Frequency/Delta
Adjustable Delta Frequency between Ripple Generator and Strobe
  • ±45% frequency setting in steps of 9%
Phase Switch
  • 0 or 180 degrees
Power Supply
  • 15 VDC at 1.5 A with On/Off Switch
Rippler Case Dimensions
  • 10.5 cm x 16.3 cm x 3.9 cm

Buying Guide

Large Rod Base
90 cm Stainless Steel Rod
Large Rod Base (2 required)   ME-8735
90 cm Stainless Steel Rod   ME-8738
Ripple Tank Optics Replacement Set
Ripple Tank Screen
Replacement Parts
Ripple Tank Optics Replacement Set   WA-9898
Ripple Tank Screen   WA-9881