Physics Sensor Bundles


The Physics Starter Bundle


Physics Starter Sensor Bundle

Physics Starter Sensor Bundle

PS-2923   - 

A sensor bundle specifically designed to get you started using probeware in your physics lab. Also: perform 26 of the 37 Lab Activities from Physics through Inquiry.
Physics Standard Sensor Bundle

Physics Standard Sensor Bundle

PS-2931B   - 

Contains the probeware needed to perform all 37 lab activities in the Physics through Inquiry lab manual.


These sensor bundles were designed for use with the Physics through Inquiry Teacher Guide but they also combine the most popular and useful probeware and equipment for studying Physics at the high school level.

The Starter Bundle allows you to perform 23 of the 38 activities from the Teacher Guide as well as all of the original SPARKLabs for Physics which can be downloaded for free.

The Standard Bundle contains everything in the Starter Bundle plus the additional probeware needed to perform all 38 of the activities in the Teacher Guide.