Economy Wave Driver - WA-9854A



The Economy Wave Driver is an inexpensive yet effective solution for hands-on experiments on the properties of mechanical waves. It includes everything students need to generate and analyze standing wave patterns in strings.

Typical Applications

  • Study the effect of tension on resonance while powering the wave driver at a constant frequency and amplitude
  • Using the Sine Wave Generator or 850 Interface, vary the frequency and amplitude of the wave driver to discover the relationship between frequency and resonance wave patterns


  • 5 ¼" Sub Woofer Speaker with Wave Driver Post
  • Elastic Cord (3 meters)
  • How It Works

    A molded plastic post is attached directly to the cone of the speaker and the wave cord is fed through the groove on the top of the post. The two ends of the cord are tied off or held with suspended masses. Using a power supply, students can drive the speaker at a constant frequency and vary the tension to create standing wave patterns.

    The Economy Wave Driver can be used with any function generator which outputs 0 - 7 Volts and 0.3 - 0.6 Amps. The operating frequency for the driver is 0 - 90 Hz.

    We recommend the Sine Wave Generator, Function Generator or the 550 or 850 Universal Interfaces.

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