Doppler Rocket - WA-9826



"Fly" this foam-covered rocket across the room and students hear the audio Doppler shift as it passes! Velocities of 10 m/s easily achieved, creating a 20 Hz shift in frequency.

Typical Applications

  • Fly It Horizontally
  • Swing It Overhead
  • Play Catch


  • Rugged -- Skinned foam protects the unit during classroom use.
  • Multi-Function Handles -- The rope of the Doppler Rocket can be wound around the handles for easy storage.
  • Handle Cushions -- Cushions prevent the Doppler Rocket from hitting the students' hands as they propel the rocket across the room.
  • Low Power Consumption -- One 9V battery provides several years of typical use.


  • Doppler Rocket
  • Rope (30 meters)
  • Handles (4)
  • Handle Cushions (4)
  • Battery (9 Volt)
  • How It Works

    The Doppler Rocket emits a true, sinusoidal sound waveform at a constant frequency of approximately 620 Hz. The circuit and speaker are housed in skinned foam that protect the unit during normal impacts. The circuit is powered by a 9V battery.