Resonance Tube - WA-9612



The Resonance Tube lets you investigate the propagation of sound waves in a tube. The waves in the tube are produced by a built in speaker. Drive the speaker with a function generator to create stable wave patterns at specified frequencies. You can observe standing wave patterns in a closed tube or open tube, and locate nodes and antinodes while varying the length of the tube. Connect an oscilloscope to the microphone to examine the waveforms in detail. The 90 cm long, clear plastic tube is simple and rugged.

Typical Experiments

With Instructor's Guide and Sample Data.

  • Resonant Frequencies of a Tube
  • Standing Waves in a Tube
  • Tube Length and Resonant Modes
  • Speed of Sound in a Tube


  • Movable Microphone -- Position the microphone at the edge of the tube or use the probe to position it anywhere inside the tube. Easily locate all the nodes and antinodes of a standing wave pattern.
  • Built-in Speaker/ Microphone Assembly -- Setup is easy. A function generator is used to drive the speaker.
  • Built-in Metric Scale -- Makes it easy to measure tube length and microphone position.
  • Movable Piston -- Push in the piston to adjust the tube length.
  • Musical Instrument Holes -- A pair of holes in the tube lets students investigate the effects of closed and open holes in musical instruments. When performing other experiments, the holes can be covered with the included slip rings.


  • 90 cm Acrylic Tube with mounting stand and built-in millimeter scale
  • Piston and Rod for adjusting tube length
  • Miniature Microphone
  • Microphone Probe Rod for examining the waveform inside the tube
  • Speaker Assembly
  • Two holes with slip ring covers
  • BNC-to-Banana Plug Adapter (used to connect to ScienceWorkshop interface)
  • Instruction Manual and Experiment Guide
  • Buying Guide

    Function Generator
    Required for Standalone Use

    For use without the 850 Universal Interface you will need an oscilloscope and function generator.

    Function Generator   PI-8127
    Replacement Speaker -- Resonance Tube
    Replacement Parts
    Replacement Speaker -- Resonance Tube   WA-9662