Steam Generator - TD-8556A



Hot, flowing steam is essential to most introductory thermodynamics experiments. This Steam Generator is an inexpensive and perfect constant-temperature heat reservoir which generates a plentiful steam supply. It brings 3/4 of a liter of water to a boil in 10 minutes and provides continuous steam at up to 10 gram/min. A baster is also provided for removing hot water for experiments. Design includes many safety and convenience features.


  • Dual Steam Ports -- Supply two lab groups simultaneously.
  • Variable Power (0 - 400 watts) -- Adjustable steam flow.
  • Extra-wide Base -- Stable, hard to tip over.
  • Rubber Stopper -- For a tight seal and a safety pressure release.
  • Internal Electric Heater -- No open flame, no exposed coils.
  • Low Water Warning Light