Radiation Sensor - TD-8553



Point the Radiation Sensor toward any object– a light bulb, the sun, an ice cube, a hand– open the shutter and read the digital voltmeter to measure the relative intensity of the thermal radiation emitted. By providing accurate measurements of thermal radiation intensities, the Radiation Sensor is key to quantitative thermal radiation studies.

Typical Experiments:

With Teacher's Guide and Sample Data.

  • Introduction to Thermal Radiation (Requires Thermal Radiation Cube)
  • Stefan-Boltzmann Law at Low Temperatures (Requires Thermal Radiation Cube)
  • Inverse Square Law (Requires Stefan-Boltzmann Lamp)
  • Stefan-Boltzmann Law at High Temperatures (Requires Stefan-Boltzmann Lamp)


  • Flat Spectral Response: Measure intensities from the yellow-green to the infrared (0.6 to 30 µm).
  • Detachable Stand with Adjustable Swivel Mount: Provides for precise positioning of the sensor.
  • A Reflective, Insulating Screen: Keeps the sensor cool between measurements for more accurate readings.
  • Protective Posts: Protect the element and provide a convenient reference for repositioning the sensor at a repeatable distance from a radiating surface.
  • A Complete Manual: The manual provides 4 ready-to-use experiments using the Radiation Sensor, the Thermal Radiation Cube and the Stefan-Boltzmann Lamp.

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