Heat Conduction Apparatus - TD-8513



The Heat Conduction Apparatus shows the difference in the rate of heat conduction through bars made of different materials and through bars of the same material that have different cross-sectional areas. The difference in temperature between points along each bar is measured to quantify the rate of heat conduction.

The Heat Conduction Apparatus has four metal bars (1 aluminum, 1 stainless steel, 2 brass having different cross-sections). One end of each bar is heated or cooled by applying power to the Peltier device which is attached to one end. Each bar has two 10 kΩ thermistors embedded in it about 3 cm apart from each other. A cable (male 8-pin mini-DIN to male 8-pin mini-DIN) is supplied to connect the thermistors in this apparatus to the PASPORT Temperature Array so data can be recorded from all eight sensors simultaneously. Foam insulators are supplied to cover the bars during the experiment. The apparatus now has a thermoelectric module with a switch to change the DCV being applied to it for a "Heat" or "Cool" option


  • Heat Conduction Apparatus Circuit Board
  • Cable
  • Foam Insulation (2)
  • Specifications

    Aluminum, stainless steel, brass bar dimensions
    • 6.5 cm x 1.2 cm x 0.4 cm
    Second brass bar dimensions
    • 6.5 cm x 0.7 cm x 0.4 cm
    Maximum Voltage Input for Peltier
    • 15 VDC
    Board Size
    • 10 cm x 18.5 cm

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