Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply - SF-9584B



This power supply has been designed specifically for use in teaching physics, chemistry and other science subjects. It covers the voltages most commonly needed with plenty of current for almost any experiment. and it provides steady, low-ripple power essential for accurate experimental results. 

The power supply provides both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). The power supply can provide both types of electrical power at the same time, and they can be adjusted independently. Separate voltage and current displays are provided for both DC and AC.

The AC side and the DC side each have two digital displays showing voltage and current. The control panel is divided into two sections: DC controls to the left and AC controls to the right. The two sections are independent. 

Typical Applications

  • The stabilized DC section comes with an adjustable current limiter - protecting your equipment and useful as a constant current source for low impedance loads
  • Experiments taking advantage of the constant current mode comprises Laplace’s law, the current balance, beta spectrocopy, elec-trolysis etc.
  • The synthesized AC output is isolated from mains noise and distortion and provided with electronic overload protection
  • Compare for instance the light yield from two bulbs driven by resp. DC and AC witout any interference between the two sections


DC Output

Voltage, continually adjustable:
  • 0-24 V
Current (0-12 volts)
  • 0-10 A
Current (12-24 volts), linearly decreasing
  • 0-10/6 A
Overload protection
  • Electronic
Ripple and noise
  • < 25 mV pp
Digital displays
  • 1 %± 2 LSD

AC Output

Voltage, continuously adjustable
  • 0-24 V
  • 0-6 A
Overload Protection
  • Electronic
Digital displays
  • 2%± 2 LSD

Additional specifications

Input voltage
  • 100-121 V, 50/60 Hz
Input Current
  • 2.8 A
Power consumption
  • 320 W
  • 312 x 225 x 117 mm
  • 3.4 kg