Basic Coil Set - SF-8616



These high-quality coils and laminated iron cores provide an effective introduction to electromagnetic theory. Purchase them individually or as a complete set. The coils are color-coded and each coil is labeled with the number of turns and the direction of the winding. Use them to investigate:

  • Electromagnetism: Show how the magnetic field can be increased by increasing the current, by adding an iron core or by using a coil with more turns.
  • Induction: Pass a magnet through a coil and detect the resulting electromotive force (EMF) with a galvanometer. Show how the EMF depends on the number of turns in the coil and on the relative velocity of the magnet and coil.
  • Transformers: Mount coils onto the U or E-shaped iron cores to demonstrate mutual inductance and transformer theory. Then connect a load to investigate power transfer. Investigate basic transformer theory with an AC power supply and a voltmeter. Advanced principles require a high power output function generator (Model PI-8127 or PI-9598) and an oscilloscope. For better experiments and demonstrations, use a computer with PASCO's ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

These are not ideal transformers. As is true for any transformer using separate coils (coils that are not coaxially wound on the same core), the flux linkage between coils is only about 10%. The voltage transformation ratios are therefore proportionately below the ideal values based on the number of turns per coil. Within this limitation, effective quantitative investigations can be conducted using these coil and core sets.

Typical Experiments

With Teacher's Guide and Sample Data.

  1. Transformer Basics 1
  2. Transformer Basics 2
  3. Electromagnetic Induction
  4. Intermediate Transformers

Buying Guide

Required for use with ScienceWorkshop
Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply
Basic Digital Multimeter
Bar Magnets (2 pack)
Alnico Bar Magnets (2 Pack)
Required for Standalone Use
Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply   SF-9584B
Basic Digital Multimeter   SE-9786A
Bar Magnets (2 pack)   SE-8604
Alnico Bar Magnets (2 Pack)   EM-8620