Coin and Feather Tube - SE-9788



The "Coin and Feather" experiment is one of the best ways to dispel the "lighter objects fall more slowly" myth.

When the air inside the 75 cm tube is at atmospheric pressure, the feather (in this case a very visible piece of styrofoam) falls significantly more slowly than the coin. The syringe vacuum pump will bring the air inside the tube down to about 7% of atmospheric pressure, making the feather and the coin appear to drop at the same rate.

Includes a fitting which allows the student to use an Absolute Pressure Sensor to monitor the pressure in the tube. Students may then correlate the difference in fall rates as a function of pressure.

The Coin and Feather Tube includes a 3.8 cm diameter clear plastic tube with end caps, coin and "feather" (styrofoam), and syringe vacuum pump.

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PASPORT Absolute Pressure Sensor
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Make the experiment qualitative by adding a pressure sensor.

PASPORT Absolute Pressure Sensor   PS-2107