Ground Glass Lenses (Set of 6) - SE-9013



These ground glass lenses provide a useful range of focal lengths. Each lens has a 50 mm diameter -- small enough for easy mounting, yet large enough for effective viewing. The set of six comes in a convenient storage box.

Focal Length    Description
500 mm concave convex
300 mm plano convex
150 mm double convex
-150 mm double concave
-300 mm plano concave
-500 mm convex concave


Focal Lengths

Concave Convex
  • 500 mm
Plano Convex
  • 300 mm
Double Convex
  • 150 mm
Double Concave
  • -150 mm
Plano Concave
  • -300 mm
Convex Concave
  • -500 mm