kena Digital Microscope - SE-7236



The new kena digital USB microscope performs in the classroom or in the field. Just connect to your computer or netbook. Even capture or modify images or video.

The removable camera/magnification head fits snugly in your hand or onto the sleek, sturdy metal base. USB powered LED lighting on top, add battery powered LED lighting on the bottom (for viewing of specimens or slides). The unique stage pad eliminates the need for stage clips.

The PASCO Advantage:

Use your Kena Digital Microscope to capture video or still images with SPARKvue software as shown in the video. The full guide is found under Resources.


Learn about image capture, annotation, and analysis in the version 1.3 update to SPARKvue and the SPARK Science Learning System. Images from a kena Digital Microscope are captured, both with and without the collection of corresponding probeware data.