Educator designed, this 600-page Explorations in Physics Lab Manual contains 25 core standards-based labs Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Sound, Properties of Matter & Thermodynamics, and Optics.

Special Features

The lab manual comes in a 3-ring binder with CD and includes:

  • Teacher information pages, which include materials lists, correlations to national standards, background information and more.
  • Hand-out ready Student Instruction Sheets
    • Lists all material requirements
    • Provides safety precautions
    • Guides students through equipment set-up
    • Provides data recording and analysis sections
  • Hand-out ready Student Response Sheets (student and teacher versions)
    • Provides assessment opportunity
    • Allows students to revisit their predictions about the outcome of the experiment
    • Uses questioning to elicit and reinforce science concepts
  • Sample completed Student Response Sheets
  • Pre-configured electronic DataStudio files (on CD), each designed to work automatically with the written lab activity
  • Electronic copies of all paper documents in the lab manual (on same CD)

Buying Guide


Three different bundles (entry, intermediate and standard) are available for use with this curriculum.


Equipment List (PDF)

Experiment Setup File (DataStudio)