PASPORT 2-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor - PS-2162



Measure Radial and Axial Fields simultaneously. Dynamic variable over-sampling greatly reduces noise at low sample rates.

Typical Applications

  • Sensitive enough to measure the earth's magnetic field.
  • Measure magnetic field (magnitude and direction from a coil or a bar magnet).
  • Study AC fields

How It Works

Use the PASPORT 2-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor in conjunction with a PASPORT interface to measure magnetic field strength simultaneously along two perpendicular axes.

The sensing elements are two Hall Effect devices oriented perpendicularly to one another and located at the end of the sensor's probe. The sensor measures the magnetic field in the Axial and Perpendicular directions. Two white dots on the probe mark the positions of the sensing elements.


  • ±1000 gauss
  • 5% of reading @ 25 °C (after 4 minute warmup and Tare using Zero gauss Chamber)
  • 0.01 gauss @ 10 Hz
Maximum Sample Rate
  • 1000 Hz
  • 0.05%

Buying Guide

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