PASPORT Oxygen Gas Sensor - PS-2126A



Our Oxygen Gas Sensor accurately measures oxygen concentration in the atmosphere or in enclosed spaces, such as terrariums. The sensor's wide range (0-100%) means you can use it with any experiment or investigation. Use in combination with the CO2 Gas Sensor (PS-2110)  to perform an even wider variety of environmental and physiology activities in the classroom or in the field.

Typical Applications

  • Measure the respiration of animals, insects or germinating seeds
  • Study the catalase breakdown of hydrogen peroxide
  • Monitor O2 level changes during photosynthesis in a terrarium
  • Study cellular respiration of yeast

Probe life expectancy

The sensor is guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years from the date of manufacture. This is the absolute guarantee. If it is used in a 100% oxygen atmosphere its life will be shortened. If it is used in normal air, its life will be 4 to 5 years. There is reported evidence of this particular sensing element being in use for almost 10 years. In the end, the useful life of the sensing element is dependent on the manner in which it is used.


  • Sensing Element (with Rubber Stopper)
  • 3.5 mm connecting cable
  • Clear 250-mL sampling bottle
  • Specifications

    • 0-100% Oxygen concentration
    • 0 to 1,000,000 parts per million (ppm)
    • 0.024% Oxygen
    • ±0.5 % Oxygen
    • ±1 % Oxygen at constant temperature and pressure
    • ±5 % Oxygen over operating temperature range
    Operating Temperature
    • 0 to 40 °C
    Relative Humidity Range
    • 0 to 99 %, non-condensing
    Probe Shelf Life
    • Approximately 3 years


    Buying Guide

    Oxygen Sensor Replacement Probe
    250 mL Sample Bottles (4-pack)
    Replacement Parts
    Oxygen Sensor Replacement Probe   PS-6524
    250 mL Sample Bottles (4-pack)   SE-6938

    Interface Required

    To use this product you need a PASCO interface. 

    New to probeware or have questions about  sensors or interfaces? Contact Teacher and Technical Support.  We're here to help!

    Software Required

    SPARKvue software or PASCO Capstone software may be used. PASCO Capstone is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

    Learn more about Bluetooth Compatibility.