PASPORT Barometer/Low Pressure Sensor - PS-2113A

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Recommended Alternative — The Wireless Pressure Sensor can perform all of the functions of the Barometer/Low Pressure Sensor and more and at a lower price. Best of all, it connects directly* to your computers, tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks without the need for an interface and with no cables to get in the way.

*Devices without native Bluetooth® Smart connectivity will require a low cost USB adapter - see the product page for details.



Students will know about weather changes long before they happen using our Barometer/Low Pressure Sensor. Our Barometer measures extremely small changes in barometric pressure (0.001 in Hg). Even capture the change in barometric pressure from the floor to the ceiling, or the change when a door is closed. The use of digital signal processing gives our Barometer higher resolution.

Now includes quick connect fittings and tube kit for transpiration and other low pressure studies.

Typical Applications

  • Measure transpiration rates
  • Measure osmosis and pressure changes inside a model cell
  • Measure rates of enzyme catalyzed reactions
  • Conduct weather experiments
  • Measure changes in elevation


  • Quick-connect fitting and tube kit for transpiration and other low pressure studies
  • Specifications

    • 150 - 1150 hPa
    • 150 - 1090 mbar
    • 15 - 115 kPa
    • 4.4 - 34 in Hg
    • ±0.03 in Hg
    • 0.001 in Hg
    Default Sample Rate
    • 1 Hz
    Maximum Sample Rate
    • 20 Hz
    Operating Temperature
    • 0 to 40 °C
    Relative Humidity Range
    • 5 to 95%, non-condensing

    Buying Guide

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