PASPORT Sound Level Sensor - PS-2109



Sound level and noise pollution are key measurements in environmental science. Our Sound Level Sensor gives you true sound level measurements with both dBA and dBC scales. Use in the classroom as a computer-based Sound Level Sensor or with an Xplorer as a portable sound level meter away from the classroom. Three switch-selectable ranges (from 30 dB to 110 dB) allow for greater functionality and flexibility.

  • Measures both sound level and sound intensity.
  • Displays both dBA (matches the sensitivity of the ear) and dBC (responds equally to all frequencies).

Typical Applications

  • Explore sound levels outside the classroom
  • Discover the logarithmic relationship between sound level and sound intensity


Sound Level Range
  • Voice: 30 – 70 dBA/dBC
  • Horn: 50 – 90 dBA/dBC
  • Plane: 70 – 110 dBA/dBC
Sound Intensity Range
  • Voice: 10-3 µW/m2 – 10 µW/m2
  • Horn: 1 µW/m2 – 1000 µW/m2
  • Plane: 10 µW/m2 – 10,000 µW/m2
Max Sample Rate
  • 20 Hz
  • ±2 dB at 94 dB (or dBC) at 1000 Hz
  • 0.1 dB
  • 0.1 dB

Buying Guide

Required for use with PASPORT
PASPORT Sensor Extension Cable
PASPORT Sensor Extension Cable   PS-2500

Interface Required

To use this product you need a PASCO interface. 

New to probeware or have questions about  sensors or interfaces? Contact Teacher and Technical Support.  We're here to help!

Software Required

SPARKvue software or PASCO Capstone software may be used. PASCO Capstone is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

Learn more about Bluetooth Compatibility.