USB Link - PS-2100A

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

The USB Link has been replaced by the AirLink interface. It offers all of the features of the USB Link at the same low price but also adds Bluetooth® 4 connectivity for those that choose to use it.

PASCO AirLink is compatible with SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone software but not with the legacy DataStudio software.

Suggested Replacement(s) are:


When data is collected in the classroom next to a computer, the USB Link is the most economical way to use PASPORT. Just plug the sensor into the USB Link, connect the USB Link to the computer's USB port, and begin collecting data.

The affordable price of the USB Link allows new ports to be added to your interfacing system as needed. The number of simultaneous measurements needed determines how many USB Links are required per computer.

The USB Link works with the entire line of PASPORT sensors, which utilize USB 1.1 technology for fast, accurate data collection. For single measurement experiments such as force, motion, pH, temperature or pressure, you can quickly and easily connect your PASPORT sensor and view real-time data on your computer.


USB Link Specifications

  • Indicates the USB link is connected and software recognizes the connection.
  • Reconnect the USB to the USB port or hub.
One-way Connection
  • Align the notch on the USB link with the groove on the sensor or sensor plug.
Hot Plugging
  • USB links can be connected to or disconnected from a USB port without turning off the computer.