SPARKlink - PS-2009A

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

The SPARKlink interface is no longer available. The recommended replacement is the low cost AirLink interface which allows a single PASPORT sensor to be connected to your device either via USB or Bluetooth® Smart.  Want to check compatibility?

Also available are the AirLink 2 and SPARKlink Air which offer both USB and Bluetooth® classic connectivity. The AirLink 2 has a single PASPORT port while the SPARKlink Air has 2 PASPORT ports and jacks for voltage and temperature sensors just like the SPARKlink. 

Suggested Replacement(s) are:


SPARKlink is a sensor interface with two ports to accept PASPORT sensors and a USB connection to a computer running SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone software.  

In addition to the two PASPORT sensor ports the SPARKlink features built-in sensors for temperature and voltage with probes for both included with the interface.

Typical Applications

  • Two sensor ports to connect to the PASPORT line of sensors
  • Built-in Temperature and Voltage Sensors with Probes
  • Simple USB connection to computer
  • Rugged polycarbonate case


  • USB Connection Cable (PS-2528)
  • PASPORT Voltage Probe (PS-2165)
  • Fast Response Temperature Probe
  • Buying Guide

    Add Software

    The SPARKLink works with both PASCO Capstone and SPARKvue software.

    USB Connection Cable
    PASPORT Voltage Probe
    PASPORT Fast Response Temperature Probe (3 pack)
    Replacement Parts
    USB Connection Cable   PS-2528
    PASPORT Voltage Probe   PS-2165
    PASPORT Fast Response Temperature Probe (3 pack)   PS-2135