SPARK Science Learning System - PS-2008A


New for 2018!

The next generation of the SPARK has arrived

After years of use in classrooms around the world, the original SPARK Science Learning System (PS-2008) is scheduled to be discontinued. It is still available in limited quantities but is being replaced by the next generation of SPARK dataloggers, the SPARK LX (PS-3601) and SPARK LXi (PS-3601).

The SPARK LX and SPARK LXi run the latest version of SPARKvue, are compatible with our full wireless line and feature our new lab management application: Lab Manager.

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The SPARK Science Learning System is being discontinued

  • For existing customers looking for replacement units, limited quantities are still available.
  • For new customers, we recommend the SPARK LX or LXi dataloggers.

Designed from the ground up for 21st century science discovery.

SPARK Science Learning System is an all-in-one mobile device that seamlessly integrates the power of probeware with inquiry-based content and assessment. With its large, full-color display, finger-touch navigation and completely intuitive data collection and analysis capabilities, SPARK completely redefines the concept of easy-to-use--so the focus remains on the learning of science.

  • Full color, large screen for easy viewing
  • Finger-touch navigation--no stylus, ever!
  • Simple two-button design
  • Temperature and voltage sensors included
  • More than 60 free guided inquiry SPARKlabs pre-installed

SPARK is designed to become the center of your school's discovery-based science learning environment, providing both teacher and student the embedded support for exploring scientific concepts.

The SPARK Science Learning System includes more than 60 free pre-installed SPARKlabs™--standards-based guided inquiry labs in a unique electronic notebook format. These SPARKlabs completely integrate background content, data collection and analysis, even assessment--all within the same environment. Students no longer need to navigate to a separate file for instructions or even refer to paper manuals. Everything you and your students need is right there in context.

Version 1.4.1 Now Available.

Designed for Learning

  • More than 60 free inquiry-based SPARKlabs pre-installed
    • Completely integrate content with data collection, analysis and assessment
  • Intuitive icon-based navigation keeps the focus on the learning, not the tool
    • Easy to learn and easy to remember
  • Enables multiple modes of discovery -- from guided inquiry to open-ended exploration
  • Convenient annotation, snapshot, and journaling features support peer dialogue, classroom presentations and assessment

Data collection & display

  • Periodic sampling
  • Manual sampling
  • Graph
  • Digits
  • Meter
  • Tables
  • Multiple representations on one screen

Analysis tools

  • Prediction tool
  • Smart tool (coordinates and deltas)
  • Scale-to-fit
  • Zoom
  • Annotation
  • Slope tool
  • Statistics
  • Curve fits

Collaboration & Assessment

  • Text annotation at the click of an icon
  • Integrated assessment opportunities within each SPARKlab
  • Snapshot feature allows students to capture any moment in time and build a journal
  • Share journal images or turn in for grading


  • SPARK handheld
  • Fast response temperature sensor
  • Voltage sensor
  • Power adapter
  • Specifications

    Sensor Ports
    • 4 sensor ports total
    • 2 PASPORT universal ports for use with most PASPORT Sensors
    • 2 dedicated ports (1 temperature, 1 voltage)
    • 640 x 480 resolution touch screen LCD with active matrix technology
    On-board memory
    • 2 GB flash memory
    • 21 oz (595 g)
    • 6.7 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches (17 x 14 x 4.5 cm)
    Display size
    • 5.7” (14.5 cm) diagonal
    USB connectivity
    • 2 USB ports (1 USB standard-A, 1 USB mini-A/B)
    • Battery or AC (AC adapter included)
    • Rechargeable, high-capacity Lithium Polymer
    • 4-8 hours under normal classroom usage

    Buying Guide

    USB Connection Cable
    USB Camera Microscope
    USB Connection Cable   PS-2528
    USB Camera Microscope   PS-2343
    PASPORT Fast Response Temperature Probe (3 pack)
    PASPORT Voltage Probe
    Replacement Battery, Rechargeable LiPoly 3.7V 2500mAh
    Replacement Parts
    PASPORT Fast Response Temperature Probe (3 pack)   PS-2135
    PASPORT Voltage Probe   PS-2165
    Replacement Battery, Rechargeable LiPoly 3.7V 2500mAh   PS-2569