Function Generator - PI-8127



The Function Generator outputs sine, square, triangle, positive and negative ramps with a frequency range of 0.001 Hz to 150 kHz in addition to DC.  (A replacement for the PI-9587C)

Its powerful output, 1 Amp at ±10 Volts, makes it useful for driving speakers, string vibrators, and circuits.


  • LCD Readout: The LCD displays frequency, voltage, current, waveform, and menus. For viewing demonstrations, there is a Large Digits Mode for increased readability of the frequency.The backlight has two levels, low and high, selectable using the menu. The low backlight isusefulin dark rooms.
  • Frequency/Range Selection: There are two ranges, 0.001 to 100 Hzand 0.001 to 100 kHz, selected using the range push-button switch ( integrated with frequency knob ).
  • Output Standby: Pushing the standby button disables the output without changing settings.
  • Output Current/Voltage Maximum: The maximum current or maximum voltage can be set using the menu. This is useful when the instructor needs to limit the voltage applied in a light bulb.
  • Offset Voltage: Any waveform may be offset with a DC voltage ranging from -10 V to +10 V, provided the peak voltage does not exceed 10 V.
  • Frequency Sweep: Sweep between any two frequencies at a selectable rate.

Available Waveforms

  • Sine
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Positive Ramp
  • Negative Ramp
  • DC



Input Power Source
  • 15 V @ 1.6 amp AC/DC Adapter
Voltage Output
  • ± 10 V @ 1 A, 5 mV Adjustment Resolution
Frequency Range
  • DC to 150 kHz with two ranges: 0.001 Hz to 999.999 Hz 0.001 kHz to 100 kHz (150 kHz for Sine Wave)
Frequency Resolution
  • 0.001 Hz for the 0.001 to 100 Hz range;1 Hz for the 0.001 kHz to 100 kHz range.
Maximum Current/Voltage
  • Programmable
Offset Voltage
  • ± 10 V, 5 mV Resolution
  • Sine, Triangle, Square, Positive Ramp, Negative Ramp, DC
External Voltage Input
  • Use the function generator to amplify an external source (± 10 V maximum)
Trigger Output
  • TTL Compatible; BNC jack on back of unit
  • LCD Graphics Monochrome Display, 128 x 64, with Two-Level Backlight
  • Frequency, Waveform, Voltage, Current, Root mean Square (RMS) Current, Offset Voltage, Maximum Current/Voltage (Not all simultaneously)
Special Display Mode
  • Large digits for frequency
Amplitude Modulation
  • Modulate the signal of one function generator using another
Frequency Sweep
  • Generate a signal to sweep through start/end frequency, select sweep time, and auto-repeat the sweep
Programmable Current Limit
  • Set the maximum current to limit the current output
USB Connection for software updates
  • Download latest software from and install through the USB connection