Sodium Light Source - OS-9287B



With a good spectral light source, students can investigate energy levels using a spectrometer or qualitatively examine the atomic fingerprints through an optical slit. PASCO's light sources are the toughest, most reliable light sources available for the student lab, providing clean, high-intensity spectral light.

This Low-Pressure Sodium Light Source has an output intensity of approximately 6 candela/cm2, with better than 99.5% of the visible output concentrated in the 5889 and 5895 angstrom spectral lines. Slight impurities (1% neon and argon) are added to the sodium gas to improve operating efficiency. Lamps provide 10,000+ hours of trouble-free operation. The light ports are 3.2 cm in diameter and are 22.5 cm high.

This light source is supplied fully operational with built-in power supply, housing and lamp. Operating voltage is 115/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz.