Red Diode Laser - Basic Optics - OS-8525A



PASCO's OS-8525A Diode Laser is designed for use with PASCO Basic Optics Systems (OS-8515C). When combined with the OS-8523 Slit Accessory, students can fully explore the interference patterns generated by single, double and variable-width slits. The OS-8525A Diode Laser is mounted at just the right height for use with the Slit Accessory, lenses and other optical components. Vertical and horizontal adjustments align the beam for the clearest interference patterns. A 9-V adapter is included.


Output Power
  • 0.9 mW
  • 650 +/- 10 nm
Power Supply
  • 9- V adapter (included)
Beam Diameter at Aperture
  • 3 mm
  • < 2 mrad

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