Aperture Accessories -- Basic Optics - OS-8524



Simulate the compound lens system of a camera using the Aperture Disk. Simply snap the disk onto one face of a lens. The disk offers six different f-number settings for controlling the amount of light that reaches the viewing screen. An accessory to PASCO's Basic Optics Systems (OS-8515C).

f-number settings:

f/4 -- 25.0 mm aperture diameter
f/5.6 -- 17.7.0 mm
f/8 -- 12.5 mm
f/11 -- 8.8 mm
f/16 -- 6.3 mm
f/22 -- 4.4 mm

Spherical Aberration Attachments:

Do the center and outside parts of a lens focus light differently? With the Spherical Aberration Attachments, students will be surprised by the answer. Simply snap the attachments onto a lens from the Basic Optics System and compare the image distance (di) for each attachment. The Peripheral Mask passes light through the center only and the Center Mask passes light through an outside ring.

The Aperture Accessories -- Basic Optics (OS-8524) is an accessory for the:


  • Aperture Disk and holder
  • Spherical Aberration Attachments