Beginning Optics System - OS-8459



The PASCO Beginning Optics system includes two adjustable lens holders that attach directly to the 1.2 meter optics bench and are easily and accurately positioned allowing a range of investigations with the included lenses.

The Beginning Optics System is our simplest offering, allowing you to choose from a wide range of optics components to expand your system to suit your needs.

The included light source is a highly versatile piece of equipment for teaching optics.  Snapped onto the Dynamics Track, it can provide a bright point source to study the inverse square law or a crossed arrow object for investigating focal length or magnification.

Away from the Optics Bench, it also provides a 1, 3 or 5 ray source or a simple color box with red, green and blue filters.


  • Basic Optics Light Source (Point, Luminous Object, Rays, and Primary Colors)
  • Two Adjustable Lens/Mirror Holders
  • Geometric Lens Set (+100 mm, +200 mm, and -150 mm focal length lenses)
  • Viewing Screen
  • 1.2m Optics Bench