Hovercraft - ME-9838



Our Hovercraft follows the classic design, with a rugged nylon skirt attached around a 1.2-meter wood platform. Students can easily ride on the Hovercraft to experience the kinematics of frictionless motion first-hand.


  • Nylon Skirt: Stretched around the wood platform and tightened using a steel wire.
  • Custom Rubber Bumper: Stretched securely around the circumference of the wood platform.
  • Air Holes: Allows air to escape providing high pressure to lift the student.
  • Double-Reinforced Nylon: Prevents failure under high pressure loads.


  • Wood Platform (1.2 meter diameter, 1.9 cm thick)
  • Nylon Skirt with Mounting Hardware
  • Rubber Bumper
  • Connection Hose for Air Source
  • Liquid Level
  • Instruction Manual
  • How It Works

    The nylon skirt is stretched around the wood platform and tightened using a steel wire. The center of the skirt is attached to the bottom of the wood platform. A custom rubber bumper is placed around the circumference of the wood platform. The bumper helps secure the skirt and also provides a soft cushion around the edge of the Hovercraft. A high-volume air source is used to force air through the platform and into the skirt. After sitting on the platform, the air source is turned on and the skirt inflates. Small holes on the skirt allow the air to escape, while providing the higher pressure needed to lift the rider. A built-in level helps students center their weight on the Hovercraft.

    An optional Cordless Air Source is also available. Alternately, most leaf blowers provide enough air flow to support the Hovercraft.

    The estimated run time for the Cordless Air Source is 8-10 minutes per battery.  The recharge time for the battery is 4 hours.
    For heavier usage, please use a corded leaf blower.

    The PASCO Hovercraft is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs and comes completely assembled.


    Diameter of Hovercraft
    • 1.2 m

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