Physical Pendulum Set - ME-9833



This set of six objects is perfect for studying Physical Pendula including Moments of Inertia. Each piece fastens directly to a Rotary Motion Sensor to measure the objects angular acceleration due to an applied torque, or the period when the pendulum freely oscillates.

Each plate has multiple holes to allow investigation into the Parallel Axis Theorem. 


Each piece is made from 1/4 inch thick aluminum plate. The Pendulum Bar has holes spaced at 2 cm intervals.

  • Solid Disk
  • Thick Ring
  • Thin Ring
  • Offset Hole
  • Pendulum Bar
  • Irregular shape
  • Six mounting screws
  • How It Works

    Apply a known torque and measure the angular acceleration to calculate the moment of inertia of the object. Multiple holes in the plate allow investigation of the Parallel Axis Theorem.


    Irregular Shape
    • Lcg1=0.051 Lcg2=0.044 Lcg3=0.035 Thickness=0.00635 m
    Solid Disk
    • Diameter=0.08 m Thickness=0.00635 m
    Thin ring
    • Outside diameter=0.085 m Inside diameter=0.075 m Thickness=0.00635 m
    Thick ring
    • Outside diameter=0.08 m Inside diameter=0.04964 m Thickness=0.00635 m
    Offset Hole
    • Outside diameter=0.096 m Inside diameter=0.043 m Thickness=0.00635 m

    Buying Guide

    PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor
    Required for use with PASPORT
    PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor   PS-2120A