Hooke's Law Set - ME-9827



The Hooke's Law Set allows students to investigate the relationship between the force applied to a spring and the amount of stretch on the spring. This rugged set features a heavy base which allows the stretching of springs without toppling the unit. The transparent scale adjusts vertically to align zero with the brightly colored stretch indicator.


  • Stand with heavy base
  • Transparent scale with mm resolution
  • Horizontal support for spring
  • Brightly colored stretch indicator
  • Three springs with identical diameter and length, but different spring constants
  • Three of each spring included, for a total of nine springs: spring constants are 5 N/m, 8N/m, 70 N/m.
  • Specifications

    Stretch Indicator
    • fluorescent disc 6.6 cm diameter acrylic
    Spring 5 N/m
    • length (with hooks) = 6.4 cm diameter=0.71 cm Spring constant=5 N/m
    Spring 8 N/m
    • length (with hooks)=6.4 cm diameter=0.71 cm spring constant=8 N/m
    Spring 70 N/m
    • length (with hooks)=6.4 cm diameter=0.71 cm spring constant=70 N/m
    Rod Stand
    • semi-steel length=29.2 cm diameter=0.64 cm
    Mass Hanger
    • mass=5 g
    Base Support
    • 11.4 x 7.6 x 0.6 cm

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    Hooke's Law Spring Set
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    Hooke's Law Spring Set   SE-8749