Ballistic Cart Accessory - ME-9486



Mounted on a dynamics cart, the Ballistic Cart Accessory launches a ball vertically, continues down the track and then catches the ball as it falls— every time. Offers an exciting introductory demonstration to projectile motion.

An overview of PASCO Dynamics Systems and all the available systems, components and accessories.

Typical Applications

  • Shoot and Catch
  • Tunnel
  • Accelerating Cart
  • Inclined Plane


  • PASCO's optical release does not affect cart motion or ball flight path.
  • The barrel has X and Y adjustments, so perfect vertical projections can be produced every time.
  • Fires a colored nylon ball 0.5 meters or higher - impressive for demonstration purposes.


  • Ballistic Launcher
  • Trigger Bracket
  • Plastic Balls (2)
  • 9V Battery
  • How It Works

    The PASCO Ballistic Cart Accessory is used with a PASCO Dynamics Cart and track to shoot a plastic ball straight up from the moving cart. If the cart is moving at a constant velocity, the ball will fall back into the catcher on the cart. The ball is  released using a photogate so there is no impulse given to the cart upon release as there is in other models relying on a string to release the ball. The barrel can be aimed to ensure that the ball is shot vertically. Special no bounce foam prevents the ball from bouncing back out of t he catcher cup.

    Buying Guide


    Any of PASCO's dynamics systems, either Classic, PAScar or PAStrack.  We highly recommend a longer track for this application. Use a 2.2 m Classic or PAScar System, or a 2.0 m or greater PAStrack length by connecting two or more track lengths.