Super Pulley Force Table - ME-9447B



The Super Pulley Force Table uses super pulleys to reduce friction for more accurate results in vector experiments. This Force Table is easy to use, easy to store and inexpensive. Students can independently investigate the addition of vector forces and resolve vectors into their components.

Accurate Results:

The ultra-low friction pulleys are the key to the Force Table's accurate results. Friction is reduced to a bare minimum for increased sensitivity. The swivel feature of the pulleys can virtually eliminate parallax for more precise angle measurements.


Easier operation, better results and easier storage -- at about a third the cost of a standard, large metal Force Table.

Compact, Easy Storage:

The screw-in legs snap under the table for easy storage. Fold and stack as shown below. When you are ready to use them again, they assemble in seconds!

Already have a force table or an inclined plane?

Experiments can be improved significantly by reducing friction and eliminating parallax. Replace old pulleys with PASCO's inexpensive Super Pulleys with Clamp. The ME-9448B with its built-in clamp fits tables from 0.8 to 2.0 cm (5/16 to 13/16 in.) thick.

Special Features

  • Draw vectors directly onto the laminated table top, then wipe them off when you're done.
  • Measure angles quickly and accurately with the built-in scale.
  • Attach to centering ring (or knot string at center for greater accuracy) and place over pulleys.
  • Change a mass by one gram or an angle by one degree -- you'll see an immediate change in the equilibrium position.


  • Write-on/wipe-off 25 cm diameter table with detachable legs
  • Three adjustable Super Pulleys with Clamps
  • Spool of string
  • Buying Guide

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