1.2 m PAScar Expanded Dynamics System - ME-9431A

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

All previous dynamics systems have been discontinued in favor of our new Dynamics System Builder.  The equivalent system to this one among our new systems is the ME-5712 with the Spring Launcher, Picket Fences, and Photogate Brackets added.

Suggested Replacement(s) are:


This system is an alternative to PASCO's standard PAScar Dynamics System. The PAscar Expanded Dynamics System includes extra equipment for additional experiments such as oscillations, friction, Hooke's Law, spring potential energy, and conservation of energy.

The Spring Cart Launcher provides an economical way to launch carts in a repeatable fashion and do energy experiments. To launch the cart, the plunger is pulled through the hole in the new endstop, compressing the spring, and then released.  To add repeatability, a second endstop can be used with the supplied pin to hold the plunger at a specified compression position.  Three different strength springs are provided with the Spring Cart Launcher.  And since the Spring Cart Launcher rides in the cart, nearly all the energy from the spring is transferred to the cart.

All PASCO Dynamics Systems are specifically designed to accommodate sensors for computer data acquisition.

Typical Experiments

  • Experiment 1 -- Collisions:
  • Experiment 2 -- Conservation of Energy:
  • Experiment 3 - Kinematics
  • Experiment 4 - Coefficient of Friction
  • Experiment 5 - Predicting Acceleration
  • Experiment 6 - Cart Calibration (Spring Constant)
  • Experiment 7 - Sliding Friction and Conservation of Energy
  • Experiment 8 - Conservation of Momentum in Explosions
  • Experiment 9 - Newton's Second Law
  • Experiment 10 - Newton's Second Law II
  • Experiment 11 - Acceleration Down an Incline
  • Experiment 12 - Conservation of Energy
  • Experiment 13 - Oscillations
  • Experiment 14 - Hooke's Law
  • Experiment 15 - Spring Potential Energy


Dynamics Track:

  • PASCO's aluminum tracks combine durability with utility. The aluminum extrusion is rigid and light, yet straight. Each track includes a measuring tape for easily measuring displacements along its length. Grooves along the side of the track allow key accessories such as photogates, rod clamps and angle indicators to be attached.

PAScars - Just like the Classic Dynamics Carts, the PAScars have: 


  • Low Friction -- Ball bearing, knife-edge wheels mean student data more closely matches theory.
  • Spring-Loaded Suspension -- Wheels retract into the body, so they are protected from drops or “skateboarding."

Additional PAScar Features:

  • Three-position Plunger -- Provides reproducible impulses and explosions
  • Three Mounting Holes -- For accessories
  • Polycarbonate Body -- Total mass: 250 g
  • Mass -- One 250 g mass included for each car
  • Mass Tray -- Add mass to easily double or triple car mass
  • Magnets -- Installed on one end for elastic collisions
  • Velcro Tabs -- For inelastic collisions

How It Works

Few investments in physics lab equipment provide more learning opportunities than the PAScar Dynamics Systems -- perfect for experiments in Newton's Laws, collisions, velocity and acceleration. Get the advantages of a very low-friction apparatus without the noise and expense of air tracks. PASCO has engineered these carts with low-friction ball-bearing wheels and a spring-loaded suspension -- all to give you and your students an experience as close to friction-free as possible.

PASCO physics equipment, including the Dynamics System, is designed from the start to easily integrate our probeware, so you get high quality real-time data without the frustration. Just clip the Motion Sensor right onto the end of the track and your students will see and understand physics like never before.

And while a PAScar Dynamics System is ideal for almost every aspect of teaching mechanics, additional products can expand its use even further.  Whether you to utilize it as an optics bench or provide a demonstration of Bernoulli's Principle, additional accessories allow you to tailor its use for your purposes.