1.2 m Classic Dynamics System - ME-9429C

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

All previous dynamics systems have been discontinued in favor of our new Dynamics System Builder.  The equivalent system to this one among our new systems is the ME-5715 with a Spring Launcher added.

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Ruggedly constructed and nearly friction-free, the 1.2 m Classic Dynamics System is the industry standard and the centerpiece of any physics laboratory.  On its own or in conjunction with probeware, it is ideal for studying topics from Kinematics, collisions and Conservation of Momentum, Newton's Laws, and Simple Harmonic Motion.

This system includes a 1.2 m Dynamics Track, Classic Carts and extra equipment for doing additional experiments such as oscillations, friction, Hooke's Law, spring potential energy, and conservation of energy.  

Sample Experiment 1 - Conservation of Energy

PASCO's Dynamics Systems use high-quality ball-bearing wheels in each cart to minimize frictional forces. The Dynamics Track assures linear motion without adding appreciable friction to the system. Release the cart from a known height and measure the velocity at the bottom of the track. Gravitational energy can then be compared to kinetic energy.

Other Experiments

  • Simple Harmonic Oscillator
  • Oscillations on an Incline
  • Springs in Series and Parallel
  • Launch Speed
  • Newton's Second Law
  • Acceleration Down an Incline
  • Conservation of Momentum in Explosions
  • Conservation of Momentum in Collisions


  • Dynamics Track: PASCO's aluminum tracks combine durability with utility. The aluminum extrusion is rigid and light, yet straight. Each track includes a measuring tape for easily measuring displacements along its length. Grooves along the side of the track allow key accessories such as photogates, rod clamps and angle indicators to be attached.
  • Classic Carts: Classic Carts are perfect for studying collision, momentum and impulse. Carts have an extruded aluminum body with a mass of 500 g. Their spring-loaded suspension means wheels retract into the body where they're protected from drops or "skateboarding." The Plunger Cart has a three-position plunger which provides reproducible impulses and explosions. The Collision Cart has a magnet installed for elastic collisions.
  • Included accessories: Include adjustable endstops to vary the effective length of the track, adjustable feet for leveling or angling the track and feet, and an angle indicator. The super pulley with clamp allows for constant acceleration via a falling mass among other uses and the spring set provides the ability to study oscillations. Also included are a spring cart launcher, additional masses and a rod clamp.

How It Works

The new Spring Cart Launcher provides an economical way to launch carts in a repeatable fashion and to do energy experiments. The Launcher rides in the bed of the cart so nearly all the energy from the spring is transferred to the cart. To launch the cart, the plunger is pulled through the hole in the new endstop, compressing the spring, and then released. To add repeatability, a second endstop can be used with the supplied pin to hold the plunger at a specified compression position. Three different strength springs are provided with the Spring Cart Launcher.

Buying Guide

Spares Kit - IDS
Super Pulley with Clamp
Angle Indicator
Cart Replacement Axles (4 pack)
Replacement Parts
Spares Kit - IDS   ME-9823
Super Pulley with Clamp   ME-9448B
Angle Indicator   ME-9495A
Cart Replacement Axles (4 pack)   ME-6957