Laser Switch - ME-9259A



This Laser Switch acts as a large photogate so you can time objects too large to pass through the standard Photogate. Use the Red Laser Pointer or other laser as your light source.

Requires Digital Adapter

Note:  The PASCO Smart Gate has a laser switch built in.

The Laser Switch (ME-9259A) is an accessory for the:

Typical Applications

  • Determine the period of a bowling ball pendulum
  • Measure the speed of a running student (requires two switches)
  • Measure the speed of a moving car (requires two switches)


Rise Time
  • 150 ns
Output States
  • High when detector is illuminated Low when detector is not illuminated TTL and CMOS compatible
Power Requirements
  • 5 VDC at 45 mA
  • Stereo phone plug
CBL Compatibility
  • Requires CBL program supplied by TI or Vernier Software. Requires PASCO 8-pin DIN plug (CI-6686) to British Telecom Plug Adapter to emulate CBL Voltage Sensor. (Please call Tech Support at 1-800-772-8700 or 1-916-786-3800 for more information about the adapter.)
For Mounting
  • The laser has a 0.5” diameter

Buying Guide

PASPORT Digital Adapter
Required for use with PASPORT

A PASPORT interface is required to connect the laser switch to PASPORT systems.

PASPORT Digital Adapter   PS-2159
Required for use with ScienceWorkshop

A ScienceWorkshop interface is required to connect the laser switch to the ScienceWorkshop system.