Rotational Motor Drive - ME-8955


Shown with the Complete Rotational System


The Rotational Motor Drive is an accessory for the Rotational Platform and the Complete Rotational System, powering continuous rotational motion demonstrations.

Also use this motor to drive the Rotational Acceleration Tank at a constant speed. Power the Motor Drive with a ramp function using the DC Programmable Power Supply to smoothly increase the angular speed of the Centripetal Force Accessory.

The motor requires a 12 V DC power supply or a function generator, so choose one of the following options.

You may drive the motor using your ScienceWorkshop 750 and Power Amplifier:
ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface, and
Power Amplifier II

Function Generator

The Rotational Motor Drive (ME-8955) is an accessory for the:


  • Motor
  • 3-step Pulley
  • Drive Belt
  • Specifications

    • 12 V maximum
    • 0.2 A minimum
    Base Spindle Speed Range
    • 10 - 600 rpm