Water Reservoir - ME-8594



Key Features:

  • Water Supply for Energy Transfer -- Hydro Accessory
  • Overflow Outlet Maintains a Constant Water Level
  • Eliminates Turbulence and Bubbles Present in Water

This calibrated 1000 ml cylinder is useful for experiments requiring either a specific amount of water, a constant flow of water, or water at a constant pressure.
This one-liter plastic graduated cylinder has three hose fittings. The water exits through the bottom hose fitting. The top hose fitting is attached to the water supply at the sink. An overflow hose is attached to the middle fitting to maintain a constant head. The unit comes with 6 meters of tubing and 2 restriction clip


  • One-liter graduated cylinder with hose fittings
  • Tubing (6-meter long)
  • Plastic hose clamps (2)
  • Buying Guide