Discover Friction Accessory - ME-8574



This Discover Friction Accessory is unlike any other. This set of four friction trays with different surfaces (cork, felt, and 2 plastic) is designed for use with PASCO carts and sensors. Using these 4 trays, students can discover such concepts as coefficient of friction, static friction, kinetic friction and the sliding friction equations. The 2 trays with identical plastic surfaces can be hooked together to explore the relationship between surface area and sliding frictional forces.


  • Easy Storage: friction trays are stackable, both for adjusting the pulling height and storage
  • Versatile: allow students to discover key friction concepts
  • Compatible: can be used with PASCO carts, masses and Force Sensors


  • Friction Tray - Felt
  • Friction Tray - Cork
  • Friction Tray - Plastic (2)
  • PAScar (Set of 2) (ME-6950)

    GOcar (ME-6951)