Structures Cast Beam Set - ME-7009



This structures set gives students the ability to design and build a stretching apparatus for casting their own rebar beams. They can then vary the tension on the cast beams and mold their own reinforced and prestressed beams. Using the same bundle of pieces, students can engineer test structures with their molded I-Beams.

The tension figure ensures that the beam rebar is kept under tension while the "concrete" beam is drying.  The test fixture allows students to measure the displacement (such as with the Displacement Sensor) of the beam as the load is increased.

Combine with the Bridge Set or Advanced Structures Set and use a load cell and amplifier set to collect data on larger structures. Watch as forces are applied to reach failure points on cast beams; see and hear the breaking point! The rebar prevents catastrophic structure collapse and mimics the behavior of cement beams in actual structures. 

Students can also use the Stress/Strain Apparatus (not included) to measure the Young's Modulus for the rebar.

How It Works

These beams are cast with a mixture of sand and plaster of Paris (not included).  The rebar is made of the same plastic used for the I-beams.  Students can explore how the strength of the beam is affected by the amount of tension put on the rebar, the mixture of sand and plaster of Paris, or using one versus two rebar.

Buying Guide

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