Road Bed Spares - ME-6995



Contains spare parts for the structure system to allow students to build a roller coaster or other structure, including track, clips, mini-car, mini-car photogate flag, mini-car starter bracket, and 200g mass.

Expand your Truss set (ME-6990) or use as replacement parts for your Bridge Set (ME-6991).

The Road Bed Spares (ME-6995) is an accessory for the:

The Road Bed Spares (ME-6995) is a replacement part for the:


  • Flexible Road Bed (3 m)
  • Road bed clips (24)
  • Red mini-car
  • Photogate flag for mini-car
  • 200g mass
  • Mini-car starting bracket
  • Track Couples for road bed (2)
  • Buying Guide