Physics Structures Set - ME-6989



The Physics Structures set has been designed to maximize the number of different structures students can build  to study and verify physics concepts.  Sensors can be used to measure force, position, velocity, and acceleration.  Literally in minutes, students can create their own unique apparatus to explore and measure physical quantities.

This set is perfect for projects and competitions.  With a set number of components, challenge your students to design:  a rubber band powered car that goes the furthest or fastest; a roller coaster that creates the fastest speed or has the tallest loop-the-loop; a catapult that throws an object the furthest!


  • Structures Rod Clamp (ME-6986)
  • Truss Set Members (ME-6993) (2)
  • Truss Set Screws (ME-6994) (2)
  • Cord Lock Spares (ME-6996)
  • Full Round and xyz Connector Spares (ME-6997)
  • Axle Spares (ME-6998A)
  • Angle Connector Spares (ME-6999A)
  • Super Pulley with Clamp (ME-9448B)
  • Light Duty Spring Set (ME-9835)
  • PAStrack fasteners (6)
  • Roll of thread
  • Flexible Road Bed (3 m)
  • Road bed clips (24)
  • Track coupler
  • Collision brackets (2)
  • Rubber bands and clay
  • Yellow car and green car, each with ballast mass and flag
  • Starter bracket
  • Instruction manual
  • Buying Guide